Martin Sipser

Expert in immission control


Immission control consultant

Current position:

Partner of iC, Managing Partner


  • ÖAL Austrian Society for Noise Abatement
  • FSV  Austrian Association for Research on Road – Rail – Transport 

Key qualifications:

  • Head of the accredited laboratory
  • Expert opinions in the field of immission control (air pollution and noise protection) in public approval procedures for industrial and commercial plants
  • Technical consultant in air pollution and noise protection for environmental impact assessments (EIA) in the fields of road and rail infrastructures, buildings and large commercial developments
  • Noise emission and immission measurements and calculation of sound propagation measurements
  • Air quality measurements using a mobile monitoring container
  • Propagation calculations of various pollutants

Year of Birth:



MSc in mechanical engineering (Vienna University of Technology), Automotive egineer (Secondary Technical College Mödling)

International experience:

Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy