Policy statement

It is the policy of the iC group to conduct its business activities strictly in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. This refers not only to compliance with the law, but the policy is also applicable to the maintenance of business principle and business ethics.

The objective of the company´s philosophy is to foster a culture which promotes ethical behaviour and strict compliance with the law and to make every effort to prevent and detect misconduct. 

The policy is based on the Compliance Management System (CMS), the main points of which are:

  • Any form of misconduct such as fraudulent, corrupt, collusive, coercive or obstructive practices will not be tolerated in any way.
  • It is prohibited to accept or to pay for any gifts, entertainment and hospitality- or travel expenses which may be deemed to improperly affect the outcome of a business transaction or otherwise result in an improper advantage.
  • It is obligatory to maintain accurate, detailed and comprehensive records of all business transactions and payments.
  • Continuous and structured measures will be taken to prevent possible misconduct by individuals and business partners.
  • A special review and approval is necessary for all charitable donations, sponsorships or political contributions.
  • Any misconduct must be reported immediately to the business partner.

Possible misconduct can be reported confidentially and anonymously via a secure Internet link to the Compliance Officer. 

Reports sent via this link cannot be traced back; in case you wish a call back, please contact the email address of the Compliance Officer. 

The Parties undertake to conduct their business in accordance with this program. Possible misdemeanor entitles to extraordinary termination of a contractual agreement.