We care about protecting the environment and human beings. We shape the environment of man by protecting it from all kinds of pollutants, by creating sustainable buildings with optimised building physics to live and work in and by cleaning up where asbestos is causing problems.

Our strengths

Our team includes civil engineers, mechanical engineers, geophysicists, electrical engineering technicians, chemists, physicists, meteorologists and biologists and thus has a wide range of experience at its disposal. We supervise our projects from our offices in Vienna and Salzburg.

Our success is based on closely linking measurement techniques with our work as experts – combining theory and practice. As a consequence we offer one of the largest selections of measuring equipment in Austria: devices for measuring vibrations, noise monitoring stations, air pollution measuring equipment (NOx / PM10 / PM2,5 / PM1 / PN / O3) incl. meteorology and total dust deposition, devices for measuring high-frequency and low-frequency electrical and magnetic fields, measuring equipment for architectural acoustics, devices for analysing temperature, moisture and indoor climate. Since early 2011 we have advanced our expertise in measuring techniques by becoming an approved test centre.

In addition to mere prognoses and evaluations, we also design detailed protective measures including implementation planning for acoustic hoods, supports for Buildings or railway superstructures.

In most cases cooperation with our clients lasts for many years, based on a solution-oriented approach, high degrees of flexibility and adherence to schedules.

Our services

  • Studies on noise, vibrations, air hygiene, climate, climate and energy concept, electromagnetic fields or light and shading during EIA procedures and other statutory procedures for Projects in the fields of infrastructure, building construction and industrial structures
  • Calculations/prognoses and definition of measures
  • Public relations and representation with public authorities
  • Permissions under trade law for businesses and plants
  • Additional measurements in the construction phase, acceptance measurements after start of operation, structural health monitoring during Operation
  • Planning and dimensioning of elastic supports for buildings, static and structural design of anti-Vibration measures in railway superstructures and substructures
  • Planning and supervision of building physics, specific planning (thermal, acoustic, sound technology) and control measurements, analyses of the energy efficiency of buildings, assessment of sustainability and life cycle costs
  • Planning, tendering and supervision of the disposal of pollutants from buildings and industrial plants
  • Environmental construction monitoring and supervision in the areas of noise, air quality and vibrations
  • Air quality monitoring for assessment and during the construction phase
  • Modelling of microclimate and wind comfort
  • Urban climate analysis and cold air runoff modelling
  • Climate compatibility and climate resilience analyses
  • Expert opinions for public authorities

Laboratory for Immission Control

iC’s accredited laboratory entitled “Laboratorium für Immissionsschutz – LFI” offers the following accreditations:

ICS 13.040.01: Air quality in General

ICS 13.040.20: Ambient atmospheres

ICS 17.140.01: Acoustic measurements and noise abatement in General

The laboratory accreditations guarantee our Clients

  • A high degree of quality and transparency of the test results and test Reports
  • Official recognition of our test results
  • Autonomy, independence and impartiality
  • Traceability of the test results to national and international Standards


In 2007 iC acquired the trademark rights for the registered trademark VibroScan® from the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG). With the VibroScan® method rail vibrations are simulated thus allowing to forecast vibration immissions of planned transport infrastructure. The method is based on a vibrator originally used for mineral oil exploration. This heavy vehicle (14 tons) is a self-propelled, all-terrain machine. A mass of 1,200 kg is dynamically excited by the hydraulic system of the machine within a frequency range of 5 Hz to 120 Hz. iC has further developed the VibroScan® method for examinations in the field of structural Dynamics.

Successfully developed projects

Here you find a selection of projects in the field of environment. Please click on the respective picture for more information on the project or use the search function.