• Sustainability at iC

Transformation is the first step

Sustainability is important to us at iC.
Not just since the agreement of the seventeen international “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) and the global plan for a better future by the UN in 2015. Ever since iC was founded we have sought to implement sustainable solutions with regards to our relationships with our employees and our clients as well as our approach to solving problems in our everyday project work.
The Agenda 2030 takes things a step further and includes multiple measures for tackling ecological and social problems such as climate change, famine, refugee flows, plastic waste and the extinction of species. At its General Assembly, iC clearly endorsed the objectives of Agenda 2030 and made a commitment to reaching the 17 SDGs through an active strategy of transformative sustainability.

Realization at iC

Nowadays, sustainability has taken on strategic importance. Accordingly, it must also be incorporated into corporate strategies. iC is actively pursuing solutions to address environmental and social grievances. We see the ongoing implementation of the 17 SDGs as an opportunity to make a real difference and contribute innovatively to the global sustainability strategy.


How is iC concretely contributing to reaching the SDGs?

The honest answer is: Not enough!
Our activities to date may have been extensive and varied, reaching from donations to charitable organisations, roof-mounted photovoltaic plant, e-charging stations and the use of soda stream appliances rather than glass and plastic bottles to initiatives to support the health of our employees. For example, fresh fruit and vegetables are provided in our offices every day and we are always careful to ensure that the catering at our events is provided by local companies. iC staff can plant their own vegetables and herbs in a garden bed on the roof terrace of our headquarters building. With its call for active mobility, the better2work initiative is helping to make everyday office life more sustainable. A new cycle store with parking spaces has been installed in the iC garage in order to promote the option of cycling to work. And the offer of a vehicle pool should further reduce the number of kilometres travelled by car. 

Since 2019, iC has been working together with SONNE International. We support the excellent work of the organisation in the field of international development and, in particular, its education, training and income-generating projects for children and young people in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. In order to help the integration of your own work into your family life, a parent-child room is available. This enables children to be supervised on a workday while you are busy in the same space.

Our objective for the future is to vigorously strengthen this commitment and our teams of employees are proving to be a rich source of ideas for projects that expand sustainability in iC. This makes us very proud.

For example: We ceased using Nespresso coffee capsules in our offices and switched to fully automatic coffee machines instead.
Since 2021, iC has been a member of the Austrian corporate platform respACT, which has enabled us to become part of an extensive network of companies with whom we can jointly overcome challenges and help to shape a sustainable society that is fit to face the future.