Our vision


iC the future

iC the people

iC the change

The revolution in construction and engineering, driven by innovation and digitalisation, offers the opportunity to shape a liveable environment for generations to come.

Our focus is on the future, constant changes and above all people as the centre of importance.

Our mission



We play an active role in changing the construction industry supported by our size and strong networking.

We create integrative solutions for complex engineering projects based on a rich spectrum of experience and international best practices.

Experts from all engineering disciplines lead iC's generation model, which gives young people the freedom to actively shape the company at an early stage and direct their energy towards future challenges.

Mutual trust and the best working conditions provide the necessary environment for the greatest creativity.

We are not only sharing our knowledge within the company, but also making it available to the outside through research and teaching.

Partners of iC


Between 1990 and 2000, friends, engineers from the most diverse disciplines, took a liking to the idea of interdisciplinary cooperation. In a spirit of solidarity with one another, they built up iC, contributing qualifications and experience and thus expanding the joint range of services to form an interdisciplinary engineering community.

iC has no right of inheritance; all partners work in a generational model and dedicate their operational activities and management exclusively to the company. This model also allows employees to become partners of iC over the years.

Construction Industry, Project Management, Infrastructure, Transport, Energy, Water, Facility Management

Structural Engineering, Statics with Construction, Technical Building Equipment, Building Physics

Bridge Construction, Constructions, Architecture, Roads & Infrastructure, Tunnel Construction, Geotechnics & Geology



The origin of our engineering partnership in the early nineties was our conviction that consulting and management for the complex projects at the end of the millennium require a new structure and organisation.

Today, success depends upon complete solutions integrating technical and economic aspects, upon systems and networks, upon various conditions to be considered, the communication with different project partners and the balancing of diverging interests. Technical functionality has become a precondition.

iC is fulfilling these requirements. Experts from different disciplines and their teams of specialists are forming our network offering a wide scope of top expertise within one group.

At the end of the 1990s our international activities started increasing. Apart from the "logical focus" in Central and Eastern Europe, overseas projects developed out of the demand for iC's specialist services.

With our core competencies and leading experts in many disciplines, we are equipped to consider all aspects, perform analyses based on a diversity of criteria and offer holistic solutions.