EU co-funded project: DAPhNE – Danube Ports Network

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iC consulenten is project partner of the transnational DAPhNE project, launched in February 2017 in Budapest. Co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA) under the Danube Transnational Programme, DAPhNE aims to facilitate a balanced development of Danube Ports as eco-friendly, well accessible multimodal hubs for the transport system of the region.

The project will establish a well-managed and permanent working platform which tackles the most urgent insufficiencies with the help of guidelines, recommendations and concrete pilot activities based on best practices and leading into an overall development strategy and action plan. The solutions elaborated by the consortium will be shared with more than 60 Danube ports as possible blueprints. Improved coordination and transnational integration achieved via pilot actions and common tools developed by private and public members of the port community will lead to joint solutions for revising and harmonizing port legislation, port administration and port management in the entire Danube region.

Ports from the Upper Danube will cooperate with those from the Central & Lower Danube to support them in improving the regulatory framework, as well as port management and port development practice. Best Practices, guidelines, recommendations and several tools will be developed and disseminated into the port community by establishing a Port Network in order to eliminate the gaps between the stakeholders, both from public and private sectors. Special attention will be paid to the improvement of the eco-performance of the ports in order to contribute to the ecological balance of the river and to improve the situation of the port municipalities.

In the DAPhNE project iC supports port infrastructure development, Port Master Planning and the preparation of guidelines for industrial development initiatives. iC plays a key role in the preparation of the Danube Port Development Strategy & Action Plan. iC further assists in the identification of public-private partnership models for port investments, port business strategies, human resources development and the harmonization of port administration processes. 

“DAPhNE – Danube Ports Network” project will run for 30 months (January 2017 – June 2019) and is implemented by a transnational consortium of 16 co-funded organisations and 7 associated strategic partners  (public authorities, consulting companies, universities and NGOs) from 9 European countries (AT, SK, HU, HR, RS, RO, BG, UK, MD).

The project has a total budget of 2.985.406,15 Euro, out of which ERDF contribution amounts 2.415.219,42 Euro & IPA contribution amounts 122.375,77 Euro.

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