Johannes Kleberger

Expert in geology and geotechnical engineering


Engineering consultant in earth sciences

Current position:

Senior expert


  • ÖGG Austrian Society for Geomechanics 
  • IAEG International Association of Engineering Geology 
  • ÖGeolG Austrian Geological Society
  • German Association for Earth Moving and Foundation Work
  • ÖGE Austrian Association for Earthquake Engineering
  • ÖIAV Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects 

Key qualifications:

  • Geological engineering consulting (tunnels and caverns, foundations, exploration of natural resources, slope stabilisation, rock mechanics, landslide remediation)
  • Geological engineering documentation, geological mapping
  • Ground modelling
  • Consulting, design, supervision of examination programmes
  • Contract consulting
  • Licensed engineering consultant for earth sciences (Austria)
  • Licensed engineering consultant for geotechnical engineering (Slovenia)

Year of Birth:



PhD in geology and petrology (University of Salzburg)

International experience:

Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey