Peter Mayr

Management Team Villach - Specialised in construction supervision, surveying and hydraulic engineering


Environmental engineering (Civil engineer)

Current position:

Partner of iC, Managing director and partner of flussbau iC GesmbH (office Villach)


+43 676 755 91 23


  • Cost 626 European Aquatic Modeling Network 
  • ÖGH Austrian Society of Hydrology*
  • ÖVGW Austrian Association for Gas and Water*
  • ÖWAV Austrian Water and Waste Management Association*
  • IWA International Water Association – Austrian Chapter*

 * through iC group corporate membership

Key qualifications:

  • Measurements: terrestrial measurements, GPS measurements, echo sounding, laser scanning, flow velocity measurements, bead load measurements, hydraulic monitoring
  • Hydraulic engineering: river engineering, river restoration, flood protection and management plans, flood control basins, cost-benefit analyses, emergency planning, early warning systems
  • Hydraulics: runoff analyses, hazard mapping (flood), 1D, 2D and 3D numerical runoff modelling, river morphology
  • Hydro power: planning of hydro power stations, fischpasses, minimum flow analyses
  • Research and development in hydraulic engineering
  • Language skills: German and English

Year of Birth:



  •  PhD in agricultural sciences
  •  MSc in environmental engineering and water management

International experience:

Germany, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey