Koralmbahn Graz


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From 07.01.2020 to 02.06.2024


Site Supervision Mechanical Facilities
Site Supervision Electrical Facilities


Project objectives

With the Koralmbahn, a new double-track, electrified line is being built over a distance of around 130 km, which will directly connect the cities of Graz and Klagenfurt in the future. The “Bf. Lavanttal” train station is planned as a new, high-ranking stop.

Project description

The Koralmbahn is one of the most important transport infrastructure projects in Europe. As a part of the new southern route, it is an important part of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor. The 33 km long Koralm tunnel is the centrepiece of this route. From an Austrian point of view, the Koralmbahn represents a decisive structural improvement, especially for the south.

Project data

The Lavanttal station section is directly connected to the Koralm tunnel’s west portal. The route crosses the Lavanttal in southwestern direction. The core area of the railway station is situated in a left-hand bend with a radius of 5,000 m. The eight-track station has two island platforms which allow a connection between the Koralmbahn and the Lavanttalbahn. The Lavanttalbahn is connected to the Ostkopf by means of a junction in the area of the Koralm tunnel portal. To the west of the Lavanttal railway station the Granitztal tunnel chain (north portal of Deutsch-Grutschen tunnel), now known as the Granitztal tunnel (GTT), is located. With a length of 6.1 km it is the second longest tunnel system of the Koralmbahn; it connects the Lavanttal directly with the Jauntal and consists of the Deutsch-Grutschen tunnel, the Granitztal enclosure and the Langer Berg tunnel. In the Granitztal tunnel there is also a fan control centre with emergency exit and rescue area. In addition, the Granitzbach is crossed here by a closed tunnel bridge.

Project specifics

Like the Koralm tunnel, the Granitztal tunnel is built as a twin-tube system which is connected every 500 m by cross-cuts.


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