66th Geomechanics Colloquium

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12.-13. Oktober 2017 / Salzburg Congress

iC was represented by Johannes Weigl with his article "Semmering Base Tunnel – Excavation of the emergency station in complex ground conditions".

"At the construction lot SBT 2.1 “Tunnel Fröschnitzgraben” of the Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) in Austria caverns with a cross section up to 300 m2 are excavated in a depth of approximately 400 m, which are the central part of the emergency station. The site arrangement results in a complex situation of large cross sections within a small area. Additionally, complex ground conditions exist, because the degree of fracturing of the rock mass differs frequently and the rock mass strength is occasionally very low. Especially at the intersection of the caverns displacements increase over a long period of time. The observed system behavior is described and analyzed based on the geotechnical design taking the encountered ground conditions into account. Sequences of rock mass sections with different stiffness and strength are of high geomechanical significance due to stress concentrations in the competent areas. This had particular impact on the observed system behavior. With regard to the stability of the overall system influences of various drives and the excavation of large cross sections in several steps must be considered. Moreover, an influence of the excavation size on the extension of the area with displacement increases or stress redistributions must be taken into account."