Brenner Base Tunnel




Austria, Tyrol /Italy


2009 – 2024


Vibration monitoring during construction

  • Consulting of the client regarding vibrations
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Public information
  • Reporting

Project objectives

The Brenner base tunnel is a central element of the new high-capacity axis for the Berlin-Palermo railway line and is meant primarily for goods transport.

The exploratory tunnels are being excavated for the purposes of geological and hydrogeological prospecting and exploration. This preliminary research will help to minimise construction costs and risks.

Project data

Base tunnel

  • Length from Tulfes portal (Innsbruck bypass) to Franzensfeste: 62.7 km and from Innsbruck portal to Franzensfeste: 55 km
  • Longitudinal grade: 0.4% – 0.67%

Exploration drift Innsbruck – Ahrental

  • ”Sillschlucht“ adit tunnel: 291 m / 54 – 61 m2 cross section
  • ”Innsbruck – Ahrental“ exploration tunnel section: 3,246 m / 26 – 30 m2 cross section
  • ”Ahrental – MFS (multi-purpose area section)” exploration tunnel: 2,082 m / 26 – 30 m2 cross section
  • ”Ahrental“ access tunnel: 2,404 m / 77 – 101 m2 cross section
  • Total length of “Sillschlucht” portal – MFS: 5,619 m

“Wolf” exploration drift

  • “Saxen“ access tunnel: 1,004 m / 65 – 77 m2 cross section
  • “Wolf Süd” access tunnel: 3,450 m / 90 – 120 m2 cross section
  • “Padastertal” connection tunnel: 702 m / 85 – 92 m2 cross section
  • Exploration tunnel: length to be determined / 26 – 30 m2 cross section

Project content

The environmental impact assessment of the Brenner base tunnel resulted in the requirement for continuous vibration monitoring during the construction of the exploratory tunnels. This involved the placement of monitoring devices in residential buildings and in various installations (“Sillschlucht” power station, motorway bridges, existing ÖBB tunnel, funicular etc.). Data were transferred by remote data link to a central data base and could be accessed by the project team via an Internet platform.

Project specifics

A web-based data base had to be programmed specifically for the project. This data base displayed all monitoring data – including concluded measurements – for the client, designers and contractors. Some measurements had to be performed under very difficult conditions, for example in the existing Innsbruck bypass tunnel of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and in the installations of the “Sillschlucht” power station of the Innsbruck municipal power company IKB.

Services of iC

Vibration monitoring, reporting, consulting of the client regarding vibrations, public information.