Vienna Central Station


ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG




2009 – 2015


Preservation of evidence in the construction phase
Preservation of evidence immissions

  • Site supervision
  • Preservation of evidence (neighbouring buildings)
  • Handling of funding issues (noise protection windows)
  • Technical papers in the fields of vibrations, noise, air quality
  • Vibration, noise and air monitoring in the construction phase

Project objectives

Two Viennese termini (Südbahnhof and Ostbahnhof railway stations) are being replaced by a modern through station with 5 platforms. In the future local trains and long-distance trains heading to or coming from the south, west and north will stop there.

This project also includes the reconstruction of the railway yard areas of Matzleinsdorf (central rolling stock repair area), Laxenburg (train service and repair area) and East (car loading area, shunting yards) as well as the reconstruction of the Südtiroler Platz interchange and the construction of the new traffic station located underneath the tracks including shopping mall and car parks. Through the closure of the termini premium building land becomes available where office, industrial and residential buildings are to be erected and a large park is to be installed. Thus working places for 20,000 persons and 5,500 new apartments will be provided.

Project content

The environmental impact assessment resulted in the requirement of comprehensive measurements and surveys in the construction phase.

Project data

Total area: 109 ha

Infrastructure project “railways“: 50 ha; c. 100 km of tracks; c. 300 switches; 8 km of noise barriers; underground car park for 630 vehicles

Real estate project “new quarter“: 59 ha, of which 8 ha grassland; 550,000 m2 of office space; residential area for 13,000 persons

Road project: 5.5 km of new roads, 5.1 km of improved roads, 7 km of new cycle paths, extension of the tram line; 3 new underpasses; Arsenalsteg footbridge; “Südbahnhof“ bridge

Project specifics

Highly complex inner-city construction site, overlapping of several projects (rail infrastructure projects of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, real estate projects of ÖBB-Immobilien GmbH and private investors, road projects of the City of Vienna).

Services of iC

Preservation of evidence (neighbouring buildings), preservation of evidence immissions, measurements during construction (vibration, noise, air pollutants), construction site coordination, handling of funding issues (noise protection windows), site supervision (real estate project/Erste Campus). Installation of a web-based monitoring system for the preservation of evidence.