Transport Sector Reform and Modernization in Myanmar


Asian Development Bank




From 4/1/2019 to 12/31/2019


Environmental Measurements / Monitoring / Information / Systems
Planning and Design of Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems


Project objectives

Railway Modernization Project, 226km long railway track, Environmental survey and elaboration of measure to mitigate potential project impact

Project description

Environmental Survey and Assessment of Railway Modernization Project Yangon - Pyay

Project data

Measurement of Noise, Vibrations and Air PollutionSampling of water, soil and wood (from sleepers)Analysis of the collected data, Comparison with applicable standards and guidelines, Elaboration of measure to mitigate potential project impact

Project specifics

Measurements and sampling along the entire railroad track, Air pollution measurements performed with passive collectors


Measurement of ambient air quality (NOx/NO2, SO2, CO, BTX/VOC and particulate matterMeasurement and modelling of noise for daytime and nighttime values; Taking water samples and measurement of physical parameters (conductivity, pH, oxygen) and chemical parameters with laboratory analysis; Measuring and modelling of vibration to reflect potential impact on man and houses