ÖBB – EIA Pyhrnbahn Hinterstoder


Ingenieurbüro Pistecky




from 07/2019 to 02/2021


Noise, air pollution, lighting/glare and electromagnetic fields.


Project objectives

A further section of the ÖBB-Pyhrnbahn should be expanded to twin-track operations in a way that meets all legal requirements related to the protection of the population and of sensitive natural areas.

Project description

Hinterstoder Station is being remodelled and made more attractive for passengers. The project also includes the construction of underpasses and the rebuilding of five bridges. Construction should start in 2025 and end in 2035.

Project data

The current Hinterstoder section starts at km 67.450 to the north of Hinterstoder Station and ends at km 76.000 to the south of the existing Pießling-Vorderstoder Station. The addition of the second track will increase capacity and, thanks to the increase in the permitted speed from 100 km/h to 160 km/h, reduce travel times on the 8.5 km long Pyhrn section.

Project specifics

This section includes a number of engineering structures and, in particular, five bridges.


iC has been commissioned to carry out investigations in the specialist environmental areas of sound technology, air cleanliness, climate protection, lighting and shadowing and electromagnetic fields. Forecast calculations are being carried out on the basis of noise and pollution spread modelling, which will allow suitable measures to be developed for both the constructional and operational phases.