Postal delivery base Zell am See, Salzburg


Österreichische Post AG




November- December 2022


Geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical investigation, Expert statement, consulting to the client, Geotechnical consulting regarding foundation

  • 3-D visualisation south view

Project objectives

In a newly developed commercial area on the former airfield site in Zell am See, a new delivery base of the Austrian Post AG is to be built on more than 2,000 m².

Project description

The subsoil in the Zell basin consists mainly of very fine-grained, peaty, water-saturated and thus very soft soils. For a precise exploration of the subsoil, trial pits and cone penetration tests (CPT) were carried out to a depth of up to 20 m below the ground surface and evaluated. Based on the results of the investigation, the existing soils were classified, geotechnically assessed and a foundation proposal as well as a proposal for supporting the excavation pits and dewatering of the construction pit were developed.

Project data

Total plot area: approx. 10,000 m²
Total usable space: approx. 2,100 m²
Exploration depth: up to 20 m

Project specifics

The project is being implemented in a highly sensitive area from a nature conservation point of view, which is why replacement habitats had to be created and amphibians relocated.


  • Geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical investigation
  • Expert statement, consulting to the client
  • Geotechnical consulting regarding foundation