Geotechnical stability assessment, Salzburg


Salzburg Provincial Government, Dept. 6 Infrastructure and Transport, Bridge Construction Department




February- August 2022


Geotechnical investigation, Stability calculations, Expert opinion and consulting

  • Excerpt from the geological map
  • Support construction along the B178 before Lärchberg tunnel

Project objectives

Geotechnical investigation and assessment of the stability of a 30-year old, anchored retaining wall on the B178 Loferer Straße.

Project description

In the area of the B178 in Lofer, east of the Lärchberg tunnel, there is an anchored retaining wall over a length of approx. 765m. This structure is shored by means of a stone wall in front of it and therefore cannot be accessed or monitored. In order to be able to decide on the necessity of rehabilitation and/or monitoring measures or additional exploration measures, a geotechnical assessment of the stability of the existing construction was carried out on the basis of existing data in coordination with the geological service of the Salzburg Provincial Government.

Project data

Total length of the anchored retaining wall: approx. 765 m
Prestressed anchors: 400 pcs, length: 20- 25 m, preload force: 600 kN
Road cut height: approx. 6 m

Project specifics

In the investigated section of the road and the anchored retaining wall respectively, lies entirely within a large landslide mass consisting of a very heterogeneous mass of boulders and fine-grained sediments.


  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Stability calculations
  • Expert opinion and consulting