SZX Nurse’s Training School


KAV – Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund (Association of Viennese Hospitals)


Austria, Vienna


2008 - 2010


Construction site coordination, site supervision (building Services), site supervision (structural and civil engineering)

  • Construction site coordination
  • Site supervision (building services)
  • Site supervision (structural and civil engineering)

Project objectives

With this project KAV aims at centralising nurse’s training at the medical centre “Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Favoriten”.

Project description

iC was in charge of site supervision (construction including furnishing), outdoor facilities, proportionate circulation areas, site supervision (HVAC, measurement and control technology, electrical engineering), construction site coordination according to the Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act (BauKG).

Project data

Address: Kundratstrasse 3, 1100 Vienna; Net building area: c. 6,150 m²; Ground collectors (length: 4,400 m); Cooling capacity 36kW; Nurse’s training school for 600 students.

Project specifics

For the construction of the nurse’s training school a thermally active building system is used consisting of ground collectors with a total length of 4,400 m below the subbase of the ground floor slab. The ground collectors are used for “relief cooling” by the ventilation and air-conditioning system. They have a cooling capacity of 36 kW and considerably contribute to the reduction of running costs and at the same time increase energy efficiency.


Coordination of construction works, site supervision (building services, structural & civil engineering).