Power Grid Control


APG – Austrian Power Grid AG


Austria, Vienna


2006 - 2009


Building services design, structural design, site supervision (energy technology), site supervision (building services), infrastructure planning (data centres)

  • Building services design
  • Structural design
  • Site supervision (energy technology)

Project objectives

The building infrastructure has to be equipped with highly available technical equipment and to ensure operation around the clock, 365 days a year. It is the coordination centre for the national and supra-regional transport of electricity in Austria’s high-voltage grid and supergrid (110kV, 220kV, 380kV).

Project description

Construction of a new control center for Verbund APG (Austrian Power Grid) – civil engineering, design and engineering for building management systems, BauKG (Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act), site supervision (building managment systems ). The building design resulted from the winning project of an architecture competition and meets both the high demands regarding the primary equipment for control center and the aesthetic demands of the architecture office APM (architect Marginter).

Project data

Address: Am Johannesberg 1, 1100 Vienna; Control centre for 57 distribution stations; 6,800 km of high-voltage and extra-high voltage transmission lines; 8,000 schedules per month for import and export of electrical power; Energy management of 4,500 GWh per month.

Project specifics

The waste heat generated from the computers is used for heating purposes; to a large extent regenerative energy sources are used by means of heat pumps and geothermal heat exchangers. Sun protection windows (utilisation of photovoltaics).


Building services design, structural design, site supervision (energy technology and building services), infrastructure planning (data centres).