Highway M 17.3 Neum – Stolac


JP Ceste Federacija BiH / Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina


From March 2018 to May 2024


Site supervision under FIDIC Red Book



Project objectives

With financial support from the World Bank (WB) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) the Client has launched an initiative for the Road Modernisation Programme to provide adequate road infrastructure by 2020. The project objective is to ensure that high quality construction is achieved and that all works are carried out in full compliance with the works contracts, time frame and budget.

Project description

Site supervision for the construction of the 38.2 km long highway section connecting Sarajevo and Mostar with the country’s only coastal town of Neum and with the Adriatic highways to Croatia.

Project data

The highway works for the single carriage way with a width of 2 x 3.25 m include two tunnels of 190 m and 975 m, seventeen underpasses from 7.0 m to 12 m span and one overpass of 12 m span.

Project specifics

Technically, the hilly terrain in the Adriatic karst requires extensive earthworks and blasting. In order to complete the construction work on time at a technically demanding level, seven works contracts were concluded. The largely concurrent execution of works requires a high degree of efficient contract management by the Engineer.


iC in consortium with Nievelt Ingenieur GmbH and AIK Inženjering were commissioned to provide the services of the Engineer according to FIDIC Red Book and the supervision services according to local regulations (Nadzor). The services include contract and claims management, measurement of the works, verifying and approving Interim Payment Certificates, the approval of contractors’ materials, workmanship and work programmes, the supervision of the works on a daily basis and the monitoring of the construction progress.