Stanzertal Power Plant


Arbeitsgemeinschaft KW Stanzertal




2012 - 2014


Tender phase: assessment of geological and geotechnical risks, definition of driving classes in access tunnels and waterways. Execution phase: detailed design of access tunnels and waterways as well as landfill.

  • Assessment of geological and geotechnical risks
  • Detailed design of waterways

Project objectives

Production of electricity

Project description

The company Wasserkraftwerk Stanzertal GmbH constructed a diversion hydroelectric power plant between the villages Flirsch and Stans, Tyrol. The central part is a 5.2 km long waterway, the bottleneck capacity is 13.5 MW. The main section was constructed with a tunnel boring machine, while minor sections were built using NATM. The penstock and a ventilation shaft were built using the Alimak method.

Project data

Design flow QA: 12.0 m³/s
Gross head: 141.2 m
Net head at QA: 135.2 m
Maximum performance: 13.5 MW
Operational capacity without storage operation: 52.2 GWh
Length of TBM section: 3,781 m

Project specifics

Along the bored section of the tunnel geotechnical conditions were partially poor, which required additional support measures. The designed underpass of a motorway tunnel (Gondebach tunnel) was constructed using NATM instead of pipe jacking due to boulders located in this tunnel section thus reducing the risk of encountering geotechnical problems during tunnel driving.