New flood protection for Lavamünd

On 23.09.2022, the Drauspitz in Lavamünd was the venue for the functional celebration of the new flood protection.

On 23.09.2022, the Drauspitz in Lavamünd was the venue for the celebration of the functioning of the new flood protection system. Ten years after the Drau flooded the town, high flood protection walls now ensure that such a thing can not happen again. 

Functional means that the flood protection is working for now, even though the construction work will last until summer 2023. 25,000 cubic metres of concrete were used, and flood protection walls were built along a length of 1,700 metres. The length of the dams is 250 linear metres, and two bridges were also built.

The walls are up to 20 metres high, their foundations are deeply rooted in the ground. "The danger zones of the Drau and Lavant were blocked in the area where houses are located. The remaining area was kept as an open space, because the water has to be able to expand somewhere," says the mayor of Lavamünd Wolfgang Gallant.

iC Flussbau had already been commissioned to carry out a runoff study before the big flood in 2012 and to prepare a variant study and a general project after the flood. In 2018, the implementation of the measures began, with iC Flussbau responsible for implementation planning, structural engineering, tendering, preservation of evidence, construction coordination and local construction supervision.
The construction costs amount around € 23.7 million and is one of the largest construction sites in hydraulic engineering in austria.