TDD and Construction Monitoring Gate 2


Deka Immobilien GmbH




2013 - 2015


Project monitoring, due diligence and evaluation

  • Project monitoring
  • Due diligence
  • Evaluation
  • Design and construction

Project objectives

Design and construction of the office building Gate 2, in Guglgasse 2–4 , 1030 Vienna,are entirely according to the requirements of the sole tenant Wiener Wohnen.

Project description

The building constists of two parts, A and B, with a GFA of 50,940 m².
Part A has 6 upper storeys and 2 underground storeys, whereas part B is a highrise with 9 upper storeys. On the ground floor the service centre of Wiener Wohnen and meeting rooms are located. On the first floor there is a spacious terrasse to be used by the employees of Wiener Wohnen. The underground floors house parking spaces for some 390 cars and 90 bicycles of the staff and clients.

Project data

GFA: 50,940 m²
Parking spaces for cars: 392 (on underground floors)
Certificate: ÖGNI Gold, NBV 09 version

Project specifics

The project had to be impemented under enormous deadline and quality pressure.


Phase 1: technical due diligence in the design phase
Phase 2: project monitoring during construction and representation of interests regarding handover of the object