Pumped Storage Plant Kühtai


TIWAG – Tiroler Wasserkraft AG




2008 – 2012


Vibration study for environmental impact assessment (EIA)

  • specialist article destabilization
  • assessments during the construction and operation phases
  • elevation at high alpine ground

Project objectives

The Kühtai pumped storage plant is an extension of the existing Sellrain-Silz power station group and provides a second upper stage. Thus both utilisation efficiency and total performance coefficient of the power station group will be increased.

Project content

A study on vibrations and secondary noise had to be performed as part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) outlining the project’s effects during construction and operation.

Project data

Total output of two turbines: 130 MW
Power generation from natural inflow: 216 million kWh/year
Natural drainage basin: 7.6 km²
Drainage basin from collection tunnels: 60.7 km²
Usable volume, Kühtai basin: 31 million m³
Collection tunnels: 25.2 km/4.2 m diameter

Project specifics

Project in alpine conditions with special requirements on monitoring techniques

Services of iC

Vibration measurements, prognoses, preparation of report, public relations work, responses to statements in the official approval procedures.