Encuentro Copper Oxide Project, Chile


GeoBlast S.A.




April 2013 - December 2013


Geologic investigation, 3-D modelling

  • Geologic investigation
  • 3-D modelling

Project objectives

A 3-D structural model is required for further geologic and geotechnical studies of the Encuentro project, Centinela mining district, Chile.

Project description

The Encuentro mining project located in Northern Chile is owned and developed by Antofagasta Minerals. The project is part of several operating mines and exploration projects within the district. The Encuentro project focuses on copper oxdide ore.

Project data

Open pit mining operation; max. depth approx. 400 m
The project is currently in the pre-feasibility stage. 

Project specifics

A challenging feature of project development is the fact that the copper ore is entirely covered by a gravel horizon of up to 140 m thickness. All geologic and geotechnical information has to be acquired by means of drilling or indirect geophysical methods.

Services of iC

iC was asked to analyse all available data (from approx. 250,000 m of drill core logging information) relevant for structural interpretation of the area and conducted 3-D structural modelling of the planned pit area. The 3-D model will be used for further exploration and geotechnical pit design.