La Colosa Gold Mining Project, Colombia


AngloGold Ashanti Colombia S.A.




2011 - 2014


Geologic investigation, geotechnical study

  • [] Projekt Colosa
    Geotechnical study
  • [] Projekt Colosa
    Geologic investigation

Project description

The La Colosa project, located in the High Andes of Colombia, is considered to be the largest gold mining project in the northern Andes and the largest single private infrastructure project in Colombia.

Project data

  • Current resource (as of Dec. 2014): approx. 28 Moz Au (inferred resource)
  • Open pit mining operation 
  • Associated infrastructure sites: crusher, stockpile, plant, tailing site, waste dump, fresh water reservoirs

Project specifics

Of particular challenge are the overall dimensions of this project and the interdependence of the different activities (geology – mining – engineering – mineral economics) which determine the viability of the project.

Services of iC

iC acts as consultant to the various project departments (Geology – Mining – Infrastructure) and is involved in geologic and geotechnical studies covering different topics, such as rock mass characterisation, structural geology and 3-D structural geologic modelling of the planned open pit area as well as the associated infrastructure sites.