San Miguel del Cantíl, Mexico


Inversiones Mineras La Sorpresa SA de CV




2014 - 2015


Geological investigation, 3-D geological modelling

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    Geological investigation
  • 3-D geological modelling

Project objectives

For the definition of new mineral resources a structural geological study has to be performed at the San Miguel del Cantíl mining district (State of Durango, Mexico).

Project description

The San Miguel del Cantíl mining district is located in the western Sierra Madre, Durango, Mexico. Gold-silver ore is produced from underground mining operations. For the elaboration of a structural model of the area all available information is used, including geological information from surface and underground mapping, as well as data from approx. 25,000 m of diamond drill holes.

Project data

The project forms part of the NW-trending silver-gold belt in the western part of Mexico, which hosts numerous deposits. The results of the study will support the decisions for further exploration activities in the area. 

Project specifics

Despite the large number of underground workings in the mining district, geological information and the resulting geological understanding is limited. However, the proposed works will shed light on the structural control of mineralisation and the geometric relationship of the various structures in the district.

Services of iC

iC performs structural geological field work, analysis and interpretation of structural data and elaborates a 3-D structural model which will serve as guide for the definition of new exploration activities.