St. Kanzian Tunnel Chain


ÖBB - Infrastruktur AG




2015 - 2020


Geological Construction Documentation, Geotechnical Consultancy, Expert Statement

  • Bored Pile Documentation
  • Geological Construction Documentation
  • Geotechnical Consultancy
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Expert Statement

Project objectives

Lot 60.3 “St. Kanzian” and 60.5 “Stein” within the Mittlern–Althofen section with a total number of 5 tunnels, several bridges and open-air-sections is another milestone of the Koralmbahn high speed rail between Graz and Klagenfurt.

Project description

Both construction lots comprise a total length of mined tunnel sections of more than 2,5 km in rock (Tunnel Stein and Tunnel Lind), as well as in soil (Tunnel Untersammelsdorf), more than 500 m cut-and-cover sections (Tunnel Stein). Moreover the lots contain portal and slope cuts, a cut-and-cover Tunnel (Peratschitzen), top-down-method sections (Tunnel Srejach) as well as bored pile walls, anchor walls, noise protection dams, bridges, landfill sites and material extraction sites.

Project data

Total investment for lot 60.3 St. Kanzian: 140 million EUR
Total length of lots 60.3 and 60.5: 8,5 km
Total length mined sections: 2.603 m, Top-down-method sections: 668 m
Cut and cover sections: 839 m

Project specifics

For the Srejach and Untersammelsdorf tunnels extensive dewatering and soil stabilisation measures like bored piles, jet grouting, etc. were necessary as a consequence of the difficult ground conditions within the so called “Seeton”, a highly water saturated, soft, clayey- silty to sandy sediment.

Services of iC

iC was in charge of the engineering-geological documentation and consulting in the construction phase of lots 60.3 and 60.5.