Viehofen hydropower plant, Lower Austria


Voith Hydro LLC & Co Limited Partnership




June 2021- April 2022


Hydrogeologic Analysis, Geological Investigation, Expert Statements and Assessments, Establishment and supervision of GW monitoring levels

  • Exploratory drillings
  • Water monitoring level

Project objectives

Geological and hydrogeological consulting and expert opinion for the construction of a small hydropower plant in Viehofen in the north of St. Pölten.

Project description

The planned hydropower plant is to be built on the Mühlbach with an artificial channel that branches off from the Traisen via a weir. An underwater turbine with an output of up to approx. 120 kW will be used. Due to its location in a built-up area, the impact of the construction of the planned plant must be hydrogeologically and geotechnically assessed.

Project data

Development water volume Qa = up to 5.5 m³/s
Gross head: approx. 2.5 m
Installed power: up to 120 kW

Project specifics

The hydropower plant was applied for almost 10 years ago to cover the energy needs of a housing estate with around 350 flats but was not realised. Now the project is to be resubmitted and implemented in an adapted form.


  • Geological and hydrogeological subsoil investigation (conception, coordination, supervision of the execution, evaluation of dredged trenches and boreholes)
  • Preparation of a geological and hydrogeological report
  • Planner support in the preparation of the submission documents
  • Installation and supervision of groundwater monitoring levels (partly with remote transmission)