Residual Flow Study and Structual Measures at Fritzbach


Salzburg AG




2012 - 2013


Hydraulic analyses and development of measures

  • Hydraulic analyses and development of measures

Project objectives

Determination of the residual flow (minimum dotation) that is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the Austrian Water Law and the European Water Framework Directive. Development of structural and compensation measures.

Project data

River length approx. 9.5 km

Project content

Determination of the residual flow volume in accordance with the biotope discharge approach. This is realised in this project using a 2-D hydraulic model because a 2-D hydraulics approach enables a substantially more detailed study of the area-specific characteristics than the 1-D approaches that are used as standard.

The situation for the Huchen during the spawning season in the lower course of the Fritzbach was also taken into account and structural and compensation measures were developed.

Project specifics

Accompanying planning/analyses within the framework of the design submitted for Fritzbach power plant.

Services of iC

Additional surveying, hydraulic modelling, determination of calibration data (water level / discharge), determination of residual flow volume (minimum dotation), development of structural and offset measures, meandering ramp concept