Llogara Tunnel


Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy




From October 2020 to April 2021


Feasibility study
Final project idea (preliminary design)
Detailed design


Project objectives

Provide a road shortcut under the Llogara pass through a new, direct tunnel alignment, increase safety and reduce driving time from Vlora to Saranda by approx. 40 minutes.

Project description

The Llogara Tunnel consists of a 6 km long main tube, which is used for bi-directional traffic, and a paralell emergency escape tunnel. In the main tube there are lay-by niches every 500 m with cross passages to the escape tunnel. The tunnel has a maximum overburden of approx. 900 m. The prevailing geological and geotechnical formations are expected to be mainly limestones (slightly, moderately to highly fractured). Cataclastic fault zones are also expected. The ventilation system is a semi-transverse system with fresh air being supplied through the tunnel tube and exhaust air extracted through a channel in the crown of the tunnel. The control building is located at the North portal.

Project data

- Total length of new route: 7.42 m
- Tunnel length: 5.992 m
- Main bridge: 110 m

Project specifics

Extremely short period of six months provided for the design in three phases; feasibility, preliminary and detailed design.


Complete design for the whole road section including road, tunnel and two bridges. iC was responsible for the tunnel including portal buildings, civil engineering design, structural design and architectural design in all project phases from feasibility to detailed design.